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Would You Like Blueberry or Strawberry with Your Pussy?

Flavored Lubes Make Oral Sex Fun–and Tasty!

When considering the effectiveness of any toy or product, I like to look at whether the it offers stress-free and fun ways to enjoy new experiences. In this light, flavored lubes just might be the best gateway drug for sex there is. Dribbling lube over your cock and asking your partner to tell you which flavor they prefer is both fun and incredibly sexy! Seriously: when I received my first set of flavored lubes, I did just that: I squirted it over my hard cock and asked my partner what she thought of the flavor. Then I squeezed another sample over my cock and asked the same. And again, until she had tasted them all. I approached it all very professionally and when she found a flavor she liked and started to devour my tasty cock, I had to literally pull her from me with an audible ‘POP!’ as her taught lips left the tip.

Why Straight Men Need Their Own Box of Dildos and Vibrators

When men don’t know the toys they use with their lovers, they’re pretty much guaranteed to use them poorly. You need to USE the toys yourself in order to understand how they work and what they feel like. If you don’t want to buy them, you can always go to a store with good sales reps and get to know the toys better by holding them, seeing how they feel, how they buzz, etc.

Be positive.  Be smart.  Be free.

That is the tagline on TENGA’s ‘Original Vacuum Cup’ sleeve. What a delightful departure from the standard adult masturbator marketing slogan!

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of TENGA products. I was first introduced to the TENGA EGG by the owner of ‘La Jugeteria’ in Madrid, Spain.  She tossed me and EGG and told me just how to use it (swirl it around the tip of your cock!), winking as the egg flew through the air from her hands to mine. I’ve been hooked ever since. The EGG, however, was so damn good I never really ventured beyond it—until now.  After meeting some of the people from TENGA at the AVN show this year, I decided I needed to dive deeper into their product line. So I went straight for their classic stroker: the Vacuum Cup.

TENGA products achieve a level of aesthetics unlike anything else. While many aspire to blend art and function (like Lelo), TENGA IS art, and the experience they enable is transformative.  Their products are just stunning! The design. The colors. The shapes. The packaging—but it doesn’t end there.  TENGA’s products are well thought-out: they work!  The little details in the packaging (for instance, the seal for the vacuum hole that must be removed or the outer layer of packaging that must be removed to open the vacuum cup) make you feel that you’re dealing with an adult product that could set the standard for their mainstream commercial counterparts.  Unlike many products in adult where the marketing outstrips the product, TENGA products communicate a level of design that fuses sex, intelligence and beauty.

As soon as I opened the top, I knew I was going to have fun: The Vacuum Cup arrives prelubricated and the texture of the sleeve strikes the perfect balance between softness and texture, while the vacuum hole provides the perfect level of suction.  The shape makes it easy to grip and the fact that it’s lightweight makes it easy to hold with one hand–which means you can do all sorts of nasty with the other! 

The combination of perfect suction, light-weight build, easy grip and perfect lube made for a truly unique session.  my only regret is that I had to throw it away when I was finished.  So I got right back in line to buy a new one…

(Note: If you’re 7” or more (they don’t call me ‘Magnus’ for nothing), you’ll want to go with the ultra size or ‘U.S.’ version.  And as I said, ALL of TENGA’s products are artful, functional and uniquely effective, so browse their entire selection). 


Hair Removal aka ‘Manscaping’

Hair removal for men can be a sensitive subject. A man’s body hair can be a source of pride or shame, and for some men it can feel closely related to gender identity. It is also a sensitive region that does not come with an instruction manual (side note: my ikea-style instruction manual for dicks is forthcoming). Even once you get over the idea that grooming makes a man more feminine, and then you get over the idea that being more feminine is in any way a bad thing, you still have to decide what you actually prefer. It is easy to let this question affect your self esteem.

Fuck that noise!