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Tenga Egg Review


The egg is a slithering membrane of pleasure slinking between hand and cock that channels and amplifies all of the simple joy of a good stroke.  The key to enjoying this simple wonder is to just let it roll and slide gently over your tip and shaft until you’re ready to go.  If you watch the ‘how to’ videos, they generally market the egg as indestructible, showing examples of hard pulls down the entire length of a 7” cock, but I’ve found that vigorous masturbation results in easy tearing of the membrane around the tip of the cock, so I wouldn’t recommend aggressive, full length stroking.  The best result I’ve had is to use the egg to stimulate your tip with one hand while you stroke your shaft with a hand or open-ended sleeve.  With minimal lube in the egg and maximum lube on your cock.  Use one hand to spin and squeeze the egg over and around the tip of your cock while you use your other hand to stroke, occasionally pulling the egg down your shaft if you like.  This two-hand approach delivers the peak pleasure of the egg while avoiding the risk of tearing.  Again, the egg provides great stimulation for the tip of your cock and, when used to complement your hand or a sleeve, can produce an intensely satisfying sensation.  The egg comes in a variety of textures, and their ‘half dozen’ package allows you to test all of the variants.


Magnus Sullivan

Magnus Sullivan has been at the forefront of technological and cultural shifts for more than 20 years. In 1993 Magnus founded eLine, one of the first system integration firms in San Francisco, bringing some of the biggest brands in the world online. One of his first clients was the storied progressive adult toy reseller, Good Vibrations. This was his first foray into the world of adult and he never looked back, partnering with the powerhouse, Game Link, to help create one of the most formidable companies in the online adult market. He has created two of the most awarded and recognized movies in the adult industry (‘An Open Invitation’ and ‘Marriage 2.0', which won The Feminist Porn Awards coveted ‘Movie of the Year’ award in 2016) and recently launched www.manshop.com, a reseller of sex toys for men, and www.betterthanthehand.com, a sex positive blog that promotes male masturbation and discusses the various social issues associated with it. Sullivan has written extensively about the need to expand and enhance content production in the adult industry and is also the author of ‘Better Than The Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex and Healthier Living’. He is a fourth-generation SF-native, lives with his wife and children in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys kite boarding, skiing, triathlon, cooking, reading, writing and just about everything else that engages his mind and his body.

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