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Masturbating With The Vibrating Vulcan Love Wet Vagina Stroker


This toy is like a box of Crackerjacks: it comes with a toy inside — a vibrating bullet to slide inside the sleeve for extra stimulation.  But if you have two bullets, even better — it can easily accommodate more than one.  This toy introduced me to the use of bullet vibes to enhance the experience of sleeves with containers.  It’s nice to just relax and let the humming cascade down your rod or, if the bullets are placed at the top of the stroker, to feel the humming slowly increase as you push deeper into the sleeve.  I have four bullets and I try to shove as many as I can inside the case — I’ve even used them with the Fleshlight (although things can get noisy as they vibrate against the hard plastic case).  This is a toy I like to use in conjunction with others to provide variation.  I like to slip into the Vulcan after I’ve been pumping a handheld or the Fleshlight to pause and extend the process or rejuvenate me after I’ve already cum.  The buzzing, humming, and lubed interior are great to reactivate the erotic rod.


Magnus Sullivan

Magnus Sullivan has been at the forefront of technological and cultural shifts for more than 20 years. In 1993 Magnus founded eLine, one of the first system integration firms in San Francisco, bringing some of the biggest brands in the world online. One of his first clients was the storied progressive adult toy reseller, Good Vibrations. This was his first foray into the world of adult and he never looked back, partnering with the powerhouse, Game Link, to help create one of the most formidable companies in the online adult market. He has created two of the most awarded and recognized movies in the adult industry (‘An Open Invitation’ and ‘Marriage 2.0', which won The Feminist Porn Awards coveted ‘Movie of the Year’ award in 2016) and recently launched, a reseller of sex toys for men, and, a sex positive blog that promotes male masturbation and discusses the various social issues associated with it. Sullivan has written extensively about the need to expand and enhance content production in the adult industry and is also the author of ‘Better Than The Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex and Healthier Living’. He is a fourth-generation SF-native, lives with his wife and children in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys kite boarding, skiing, triathlon, cooking, reading, writing and just about everything else that engages his mind and his body.

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