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The Fleshlight Versus Blewit!


If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line ‘real-skin’ or ‘real feel’ masturbator, you will at some point find yourself comparing the Fleshlight to the Blewit!.  While the products are so similar they’re difficult to parse, the origin, culture and marketing behind the two companies couldn’t be more different.  Fleshlight was born out of the horny abyss of a soon-to-be father whose wife was ordered to sexless bedrest when she was found to be carrying twins.  The horrified father saw a flash of barren landscape free of vegetation and sex and, in a fit of despair, conceived and developed the Fleshlight as a sexual stopgap until his wife’s vagina was open for business again.  And all the ‘stick your dick in it’ fantasy-driven marketing and tight association with porn blatantly betrays the transparent intentions of its founder.  Blewit!, on the other hand, is the cock-child of the former CEO of Aneris, and the altruistic goals stem from a corporate culture dedicated to using self-pleasure as a springboard to sexual enlightenment.  The Blewit! is positioned as the humble flag-bearer of a burgeoning movement that is akin to a sexual revolution for men.  The corporate soundbites echo truisms that have long been part of the sex-positive community: masturbation is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as well as a critical playground for sexual development with partners.  I found myself nodding my head in unity as I skimmed the corporate brochure and I was immediately curious to learn more about the noble intentions behind this product.  More important, I wanted to know how this product facilitated the sexual awakening that inspired its genesis.

As shallow as the culture behind the Fleshlight is, they support their thin membrane of purpose with incredible depth in marketing assets.  They have funny videos, ‘how to’ videos, sexy videos, porny videos, artistic videos, clinical videos, etc.  They have done everything possible to divert your attention from the reality of sticking your dick into a synthetic rubber hole with synthetic lube towards making you believe it’s just like fucking a pussy — a very famous pussy, no less (or mouth, or anus…).  Their product is wrapped in cheesy soft porn imagery, the lips are made with painstaking care to replicate the labia and anus of your favorite porn star, and their videos are largely geared to reenforce the idea that the product is a surrogate pussy that is as close as you’ll ever get to the one you’re fantasy-fucking.  Blewit!, on the other hand, has a product that looks like something that Dr. McCoy from Star Trek might give you after being diagnosed with some sexual deficiency.  It has a stylish medical look and feel that wants to sit on a shelf next to an iPhone.  It has a high-tech shell with ribbing that looks as if the product might take flight if spun fast enough.  The box unfolds like a transformer with Apple-like precision and style, and the messaging succinctly and professionally points to various features, their use and benefit.  But that’s it.  There’s nothing more there: all of the cultural positioning that so attracted me is just as thin and vacuous as the cultural underpinnings of the Fleshlight.  So while you may like the idea behind the Blewit!, it’s really no more than that: a marketing front to another stroker.

What the Blewit! lacks in purpose, however, it more than makes up for in performance.  This new stroker offers a strong challenge to the goliath Fleshlight and it is different enough in a few key areas to make it a meaningful alternative to the industry standard.  Here are the key differences, both explicit and subjectively experienced:

  • Suction Control: Fleshlights have a screw-cap that allows you to fine-tune the level of suction while Blewit! has an on/off switch at the top that essentially offers two levels of suction.  While the Fleshlight has far more levels of suction due to the screw-cap system, it felt cumbersome and cheap.  Blewit!’s on/off approach was easier to use and effective.  The drawback, however, was the sound: Blewit! was pretty loud with the open suction vent and not entirely effective with the closed vent, so if I you’re alone, the noise isn’t an issue.  But if noise is a concern, I found the slurping sound to be a bit distracting — although the sensation was great!
  • Temperature: The one thing that really separates the Fleshlight from other ‘real skin’ strokers is that the Fleshlight was designed to be removed from it’s shell and warmed up.  If you use the Fleshlight as designed, you’ll understand why the toy is the best selling male sex toy in history. Almost all other strokers, strangely, are not designed to be removed from their shell and heated.  And yes, this does involve more time and preparation, but it creates an unparalleled masturbation experience and allows you to understand how temperature and texture interact to maintain erections and enable multiple orgasms. So while you might drop the Blewit! into a pot of hot water, it’s not really designed for that.  The Fleshlight, however, is, and it’s the one thing that makes this toy really unique and effective.
  • Cleaning: I don’t like water-based lubes because they just don’t last very long.  So even though it’s not recommended to use silicone lube with silicon based toys, I do — because it feels better.  Silicone, however, is much harder to clean, and this makes cleaning a toy with silicone lube more difficult.  Blewit! tries to address this issue by allowing you to flush the toy without removing the lining from the case and allowing it to dry through it’s venting system.  What you gain in convenience you might lose in actual effective cleaning, as I find it takes a little elbow grease to ready any toy for its next use.  But it is nice to believe this system works if you’d rather not spend the extra time cleaning.
  • Texture: Both products have a great feel, but the Fleshlight has a distinct advantage here, as it’s designed to be easily removed for heating while the Blewit! is not.  I find that heating the material offers a unique and highly satisfying sensation.  It works well if you’re using only the Fleshlight but it’s particularly powerful when used in conjunction with other strokers that have different temperatures and lube.
  • Aesthetics: Although Fleshlight’s Flight Masturbator looks surprisingly similar to Blewit!, the standard Fleshlight design is uniform across all lines.  I prefer the aesthetic of the Blewit! to the standard Fleshlight:  the Blewit! looks cool and modern in its shell while the Fleshlight looks dark and bulky in comparison.  In short, if someone finds your toy whom you don’t necessarily want to find your toy, you want them to find your Blewit!.
  • Price: At $83, the Blewit! retails just below the Fleshlight’s $85, but it’s not enough to be a determining factor. 

Final verdict: I own both and I use both, so my recommendation really depends on how you intend to use the toy.  If you’re only in the market for one toy, I’d lean slightly towards the Blewit! due to its ease of use and maintenance.  When heated and used with other toys, however, the Fleshlight is a far superior experience. 


This article is an excerpt from the book, ‘Better Than the Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex & Healthier Living.’



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