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Penis Extensions: Everyone Needs One (or Four)

Penis Extensions - Better Than the Hand
Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the length, girth and texture of your cock at will, providing a completely different experience for your lover every time you had sex?  Well, I can do that — and I’m here to tell you, so can you, with penis extensions. 

My secret: penis extensions! 

Penis Extensions - Really Ample Penis Enhancer - Better Than The Hand And yes, I do have a size issue, but it’s not what you’re thinking.  The only complaint I’ve ever received from lovers is that I am too big — so why would I want to ‘extend’ that?   And for some strange reason, it had never occurred to me that changing my cock was a great way to add novelty and surprise, so penis extensions weren’t even on my radar.  But as sales for extensions continued to grow at, I decided to take a closer look at this under-appreciated category.   And what did I find? A collection of amazing works of art, like elegant capes to drape your cock.  They’re like fuck fashion!

I got a better understanding of the breadth of use of ‘extenders’ after speaking with a few friends who use them: what these products really do is change the way you feel inside in ways that no ordinary cock could ever achieve.  The texture, the girth, and the aesthetics — combine all of this with a little role-play and you have an evening of theatrical sex.

Enter The Dragon: Penis Extensions | Better Than The HandI’ve found that, every now and then, some women just like a really big cock — like, massive big.  And because I like to please, I’m more than happy to slip into something that accommodates that need.  

Perfect Fit Penis Extension | Better Than The HandI like to play with three basic scenarios:

  1. Full Disclosure: I show her the penis extension and let her play with it and put it on me, talking about how it looks and feels and how I’m about to part her increasingly wet lips it.  I ask her what it makes her think of and how she imagines it will feel.  I squirt some lube into her hand and have her stroke my cock, the stroke the toy and then rub her pussy.  I like to play with the toy as much as possible before entry to stoke her imagination, anticipation and desire for this new sexual experience.  You can use any one of many options Fantasy X-tensions - Penis Extensions | Better Than The Handhere, as they all provide a new and interesting sensation.
    1. Roll Play: If she’s been particularly bad, I might, in a gruff voice, talk nasty, slap her ass, pull her hair, place my hand on her throat and tell her that she is about to get fucked hard! (now my lovers like this, so only do this is you know it’s wanted).  I’ll put on a particularly large penis extension and tell her to Doc Johnson Xtend it Kit - Penis Extensions | Betther Than The Handreach back and grab it and tell me how bad she’s been and how she deserves to be fucked hard by her big daddy (again, go with the role that works for you).
  2. Surprise: Sometimes ignorance IS bliss!  And in this case, it can lead to a blissful orgasm.  Occasionally, I like to tie her up and blind fold her and tease her, stimulating her nipples, using a
    little electrostim, whacking her with my crop or caressing her with a feather until she really wants me to fuck her.  At that point, I’ll put on an extender and slip inside of her with my super-sized, textured cock.

Pipedream - Invisible Penis Extensions | Better Than The HandMy experience is that you can’t really go wrong here and the more you have, the more fun it is for everyone.  So browse the selection and find a few products in your price range that pique your curiosity. I have a collection of extenders in varying length, girth and texture that allows me to wear aAdams - Penis Extensions | Better Than The Hand different suit every day of the week.  In addition to the fact that your partner will LOVE the variety and novelty of extenders, they’re also pretty affordable, easy to clean and you should have no problem reaching orgasm with one on.

(Featured Image: Daddy Cocksheath With Balls)

Oxballs - Daddy Cock sheath with balls - Penis Extensions | Better Than The Hand

Lastly, check out the in-depth video I made with even more information about penis pumps:


This article is an excerpt from the book, ‘Better Than the Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex & Healthier Living.’


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