Penis Pumps: The Healthy Way, The American Way

Penis Pumps: The Healthy Way, The American Way

Penis Pumps - The Secret to Instant Erections | Better Than The Hand

The Secret to an Instant Erection: Penis Pumps

When I first discovered pumping, I associated it exclusively with men who felt their penises were too small and men with erectile dysfunction. Oh, how much I had to learn! Penis Pumps are one of the most misunderstood, under-respected and most effective and radical sex toys out there. While almost all other toys focus on facilitating ejaculation, only pumps can get you hard, make you huge and get you off. Given all that I’ve personally learned over the past few years, I thought it was time to write a more definitive article on pumps and pumping.

Why Use Penis Pumps?

The most common reason people pump is for enlargement. And the most common question I receive is whether or not pumping actually works. The answer is a definitive yes (the physiology behind pumping is pretty straight forward: essentially, the vacuum created by the pump draws blood into your penis, causing an erection. Most men will then use a cock ring to maintain their erection by preventing the blood from flowing out of the penis). But what many do not know is that pumping can permanently increase the girth and length of your penis—and any other parts you choose to pump. Although timelines for permanent results can vary dramatically, regular pumpers usually see lasting effects between 1 and six months of use. And many men report that after sustained pumping, they not only have larger erections, they get their erections much easier and faster.

While enlargement is the most common reason people use penis pumps, it’s hardly the only or most compelling reason. Many people use penis pumps to help get an erection. A minute with the pump and a cock ring can get the job done quickly and effectively when nature needs a little nudge (and this is not only the case for men with ED, sometimes fatigue, stress or being hung over requires extra help when the bell rings unexpectedly). Many people pump to augment an aspect of their penis, such as girth, or head size, or length or a combination. Many people fetishize a certain shape and like to achieve a remarkable size to display and impress themselves and others. There are pumps designed exclusively to enlarge the head and scrotum, for instance. There are pumps to enlarge the anus, nipples, tits, labia, etc.. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be or look like to have a bigger…whatever…you can pump it up.

But there’s another really powerful aspect of pumping that doesn’t get enough airplay: the ability to quickly and naturally augment your sexual parts to provide your partner with a completely different sexual encounter. Sure, you can buy a strap-on with a large dildo or a penis extender, but you can also hand your partner the pump, have them pump you up, have them watch your cock magically transform from a flaccid penis to an enormous rock-hard rod—and then you can fuck them with your new super-hero penis. There is no other toy that can provide the visuals and experience that I just described. In addition to the health benefits, the ability to enable erections, the ability to enlarge and permanently increase size and the fetish factor enabled by these toys, pumps create the potential for unique foreplay and role play. Pump your dick up big, tell your blindfolded partner to reach out and grab your huge cock, and watch the look of surprise wash over them. And don’t forget that women can pump, too. Ever wonder what it would be like to move up a cup size? Ever want bigger nipples? Ever want to completely transform your/her pussy? Well, there’s a pump for that.

How to Use Penis Pumps:

Given the fact that you are messing with extremely important parts of your body, this is not the time to skimp on quality. There are lots of pumps out there, and some of the lower cost items are adequate if you’re only interested in an occasional pump to get an erection or temporarily increase size/girth. But if you have any intention of pumping regularly, the extra money you spend on a quality pumping kit will come back to you in spades over time. Why, you might ask? Well:

  • Pumps like those by LA Pump go through rigorous quality testing and are made right here in the USA. That means the manufacturers have a high level of control over the product;
  • Unlike companies that offer pumps as one of many products, LA Pump ONLY sells pumps. This means their entire business depends on their customers not only enjoying the product but spreading the word about the product;
  • By having distinct, replaceable parts for the cylinder, the valve, the tubing and the pump, if one piece breaks you can replace that piece without compromising the entire product. With other pumps, if one piece goes, the produce is toast;
  • Companies that only offer one or a few different sizes of pumps are not in it for the long haul. People who plan to pump over time need a product that will grow with their increased size and tolerance. Companies like LA Pump not only have a variety of sizes, they will even custom make cylinders! And again, because the parts are all discrete, you can use your existing pump and tubing with your new cylinder.
  • If you’re just getting started or don’t already know the pressure (PSI) you should aim for while pumping, it is VERY important to purchase a pump with an accurate pressure gauge. LA Pump offers a pump with a gauge that’s extremely high quality and accurate.

One of the most important aspects of penis pumps is understanding the role of pressure. I was shocked to learn that the target pressure is between 2-5 PSI. I have been pumping until purple, holding on as long as possible and then releasing pressure, only to repeat the process (I learned this is called ‘dynamic pumping’). I’ve since learned that experienced pumpers aim for much lower levels and allow their penis to swell in a more humane way. This also helps minimize bruising and blistering. Beginning pumpers should remain at a lower PSI (2-3) until their comfortable with more pressure (3-5 PSI). But many pumpers achieve results with 2 PSI, so don’t think more pressure means better results: it’s just the opposite, in fact!

Many of the pumpers I spoke with who use penis pumps for permanent gains described a similar process: they would pump up and read a book or watch TV for 20-30 minutes, just letting their cocks expand and remain in the cylinder.  I’m a pleasure-pumper, so my approach is totally different. I like to pump for the pleasure of it and incorporate it into my sex life—whether that’s solo or partnered. And all of the partners I’ve told about pumping are immediately and intensely curious to watch me pump. I’ve found pumping to be an incredibly fun, low-stress form of foreplay.

Because pumping is often coupled with the use of cock rings, you should consider using a pump with a cylinder that you can slip your ring onto and then easily slide it off the cylinder and onto your erect penis when you finish pumping. Again, LA Pump makes a  pump without a flange specifically for this reason: the flush cylinder allows easy placement and removal of the ring around the cylinder.

If you’d like pump, consider the following:

Lubricate you penis with a water-based lube before inserting it into the cylinder. This allows the penis to be easily drawn into and out of the cylinder. You can also improve the vacuum seal by placing lube around the base of the cylinder. If you are particularly hairy, trimming at the base of the penis will improve the seal as well.

Insert you cock into the cylinder, hold the cylinder against your groin and pump gently until you find the best comfort level for you. While everyone’s threshold is different, you should aim to pump between 2-4 PSI. Aim to pump to a level of comfort and never beyond that point. Pain is not good when it comes to pumping. Best results are achieved by pumping four times a week at pressure levels below 5 PSI for 15 minutes a session. More advanced pumpers can pump 2-3 sessions per day, with a rest period of 10-15 minutes between each session with pressure levels between 4-6 PSI.

With pumping, heat is your friend. Warmth helps expand and soften tissue. Hence, pumping in the bath, shower or hot tub is a lot easier than pumping in the snow. Make sure your penis pumps are rated for water use if pumping in wet environments.

When you finish pumping, massage whatever area you’ve pumped. Circulating blood immediately after pumping will help improve the effectiveness of your session.

Scrotum Pumping

This was new to me. Although I’ve used pumps for years, I had no idea people pumped their ball sacks as well. Awesome! And as is always the case with pumping, it’s not just to enlarge, it’s also to compensate for medical issues that have affected the size of ones testis. But the main draw seems to be for the fetish community, who loves nothing more than a grand show! And what could possibly be better than enormous balls as a backdrop to your enormous cock! Seriously, once you see just how large people can pump their cock and balls in one tube, you’ll faint. And when you wake, you’ll want to pump your balls! Just to get an idea of what I’m talking about, take your second finger and thumb from both hands and create a circle by touching their tips—that’s how wide your cock and balls can be! No joke, I’ve seen it! Just look at some of the pumps that accommodate this unique and stunning form of pumping.

LA Pump has pumps for advanced and beginner scrotum pumpers. Their large cylinders allow you to put all of your stuff in the cylinder while the advanced pumps have separate chambers for your balls and your cock, so you can pump them separately. The issue with the more advanced pumps is learning how to elegantly enter and exit the chambers.

Foreskin Pumping

I had my foreskin taken from me without my permission or consent. And I think that is the case for most of us. And if, like me, you wonder what it would be like to have your foreskin back, or if you’d like to sport a more euro look, pumping allows just that! When I first saw a foreskin pump I had no idea what it was: A small cylinder…a ball in the cylinder…wtf? Well, that ball is the magic that conjures the foreskin fairy. As the suction increases, the ball moves down, pressing against the head as the skin moves around the ball. Over time (and we’re talking 3-12 weeks), the skin elongates and wraps around the head. And voila! Foreskin!

If you’re considering foreskin pumping, here are some guidelines to follow:

Put a generous amount of lube on your head, your cock and the cylinder. Carefully pull the skin over the ball. Attach the pump to the foreskin cylinder and then place the cylinder over the foreskin and then insert your penis with the ball in place into the cylinder. Pump gently to draw the foreskin around the foreskin ball and into the foreskin cylinder. Go slowly and stop if there is any pain. You may have to readjust the ball and experiment with pumping pressure.

Anal Pumps, aka Rosebud

Pumping of the anus, also known as Rosebud pumping, results in increased sensitivity and stunning visuals. This is generally considered to be a partner activity, as it may be difficult to operate alone. For best results, use a good silicone lube over the rod before inserting into your anus. Then slowly pump your anus to achieve the storied ‘rosebud’ effect.

This is NOT a beginner or casual pumping technique. This is often used to help prepare fore anal fisting or other advanced anal play. You should read a variety of the forums on anal pumping before attempting this.

Hygene: Cleaning Your Penis Pumps

You should clean your equipment after every use and completely dry it before storage. Use a mild antibacterial detergent to clean the cylinder (avoid detergents with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials in odor to retain the clarity of your cylinder). 

For more in depth and professional information, check out our video with LA Pumps owner, Chris Kalev on our YouTube channel and subscribe!




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