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Ned Would is a bay area queer geek with a background in experimental Physics and a very dirty mind. He has been involved with the porn industry since 2010 as a performer and adult industry web developer, providing software support for independent performers and small studios (including, for a while, his own DIY porn site). In 2011 Ned created a biometric buttplug capable of wirelessly streaming live data about muscle contractions, heartrate, and other physiological signals of arousal and orgasm to a nearby computer in real time. Ned's work in the adult industry focuses on fighting stigma, created a safer work environment, and increasing performers' agency over their role in the adult industry. He is currently working on a suite of privacy and security tools designed for adult industry performers and studios.

Hair Removal aka ‘Manscaping’

Hair removal for men can be a sensitive subject. A man’s body hair can be a source of pride or shame, and for some men it can feel closely related to gender identity. It is also a sensitive region that does not come with an instruction manual (side note: my ikea-style instruction manual for dicks is forthcoming). Even once you get over the idea that grooming makes a man more feminine, and then you get over the idea that being more feminine is in any way a bad thing, you still have to decide what you actually prefer. It is easy to let this question affect your self esteem.

Fuck that noise!

Neon Wand: One of the Best Toys for Partner Sex

It is hard not to love the Neon Wand, both as an object and as a sex toy. It is beautiful, fun, and versatile. I liked it the first time I used it, but I didn’t buy one immediately because I wasn’t sure I would actually work it into my sex life if I owned one. At the time I may have been right about that, but the problem was not with the toy but with my sex life.

Luckily, my sex life (and my creativity around sex!) improved since I first used the the Neon Wand, which is now one of my overall favorite toys — for partner sex (second only to my big silicon cock and strap-on harness!).

Shock Therapy Sack Strap & Cock Sock Review

If you’ve never tried electrostim before, you might think that shocking yourself (especially on your junk) is only for masochists. Electrostim can be painful, but isn’t always, and the new sensations can be highly pleasurable if you find the right tools and the right intensity levels. If you are nervous about subjecting your cock and balls to this new sensation, you can use these electrostim toys anywhere else on your body. If you do attach the electrodes to your most sensitive bits, rest assured there is no significant risk of damaging the goods.

Masturbating With The Lelo Hugo Prostrate Stimulator

The shape of this toy makes it easy to use it hands-free once I insert it. This is a great feature, since it is often difficult to stay coordinated stroking my cock and holding a buttplug at the same time in the middle of an orgasm (especially a good one). Also, if you are worried about it being messy, you can finish up your masturbation session and then go remove the toy afterward in the bathroom or shower. A lot of toys claim to allow this kind of hands-free experience, but in practice they tend to pop right out once I start to come. The Hugo is quite good at staying in place.

Masturbating With The M-Gasm Wand Attachment

I have sampled a lot of sex toys over the years, and most of them fail to catch my interest beyond passing novelty. The M-Gasm attachment is one of the few toys I will probably make a part of my regular masturbation routine. It feels amazing, it’s affordable, it doesn’t take up much space, and it lets me have a different experience than I usually have in masturbation. That is really all I can ask for from a masturbation toy.

Love Botz Rotating Masturbator Review

It is rare, in the current stage of my career as a slut, to find a really new type of sex toy that I genuinely haven’t tried before. That is what drew me to the Love Botz Rotating Masturbator. Almost all of the obvious combinations of USB powered gadgets with masturbation aids have already been tried ad nauseum, so why hadn’t I ever tried a rotating masturbation sleeve before? Is it that hard to attach a cordless drill to a Fleshlight?

There are many things that drew my interest to this particular toy and one of them is the high tech aesthetics of this fuck sleeve. I need to give credit where credit is due; this toy looks really cool!. It could have come off the set of a porn parody of Tron.

My First Time Masturbating

On the surface, my first experience masturbating was pretty mundane. I was 12 years old, alone in the house, looking at my dad’s penthouse collection and touching myself. Suddenly I was surprised by an overwhelming sensation of pleasure throughout my whole body. I remember my first thought was “no wonder adults are so obsessed about sex!”

This was my first orgasm. If you count non-orgasmic self touching with sexual motives as masturbation, then I have been masturbating as long as I remember. I was fascinated by sex as a child. I loved looking at pornography, especially comics and stories.

Masturbating With The Vibratex (Hitachi) Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is the most popular sex toy on the market, and has been for decades. Time magazine recently listed the Wand among the top 10 most influential gadgets of all time, next to the iPhone and the Walkman. The distinction is well deserved according to throngs of devoted magic wand fans, who range from seasoned sex workers to vanilla virgins. All kinds of masturbators – even those who are usually underwhelmed by vibrators – bond over their addiction to this impressive piece of machinery.