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How to Use Cock Rings: The Complete Men’s Guide

When I first started experimenting with cock rings the one question I never thought I’d have was ‘how do you put them on?’  I mean, you just slide it down your shaft and ‘bingo!’ right? Little did I know there are a variety of different types of rings and a variety of different ways to use them. And if you don’t have some basic information about their use, you can easily suffer the pains of squished balls, pinched balls, plucked pubic hair, incredibly tight fits and embarrassing fumbling in the presence of your sexed-up partner. Believe me, there’s no better way to kill the moment than entangling your scrotum in a cock-ring knot.

Everything You Need to Know About Condoms

Most people don’t know that condoms are considered a ‘Class II Medical Device’ and, as such, are subject to FDA testing and regulation.  Manufactures test all condoms electronically for holes and other defects and they manually test select condoms from every batch.  The FDA also conducts its own tests of condoms and randomly conducts on-site inspections of manufacturing plants.

Great Sex Means Avoiding These Three Rookie Mistakes In Bed

Great sex is less about learning specific tactics and more about developing tact. The best way to figure out if there’s room for improvement is to look at the image that comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘sex.’ If you think sex = intercourse, you have a lot to learn.  The good news is, most of us are in the same boat, so no one’s likely to notice any shortcomings. But a few simple tips will not only radically improve your sex life, they will set the foundation for a great relationship over time.

The Art of Sex: The Best Sex Tips for Foreplay

How to Gamify Your Sex Life: Toys and the Art of Foreplay

Creating ‘the mood’ usually conjures up images of romantic dinners, candles, music, soft lighting, sexy talk, etc. While just fine, they’re not exactly unique scenarios and they usually don’t result in relationship growth. Toys, however, are great transitions to sexy-time, offer genuine opportunities to explore new sexual dynamics and open the door to intimacy and profound trust. What’s really unique about toys is that they make the process of moving from a normal evening into a heated bedroom session so fun: in short, they ‘gamify’ sex! Here are just a few examples of how toys can bridge foreplay and orgasm.

What Sex Toy to Buy Your Man and How to Use It

Straight men are WAY behind the curve in experimenting with sex toys to enhance both self-pleasure and partner sex, and a lot of guys are really embarrassed to even talking about toys, let alone buy and use them. In short, they can use some help.

Most straight men are pretty cock-centric and penetration-focussed when it comes to their idea of pleasure—so there are certainly a lot of toys that meet that need. But toys can also be used to enhance partner sex, explore new boundaries and develop a better understanding of each other’s bodies and interests. So let’s take a quick look at toys that are effective and fun, but let’s also talk about how you might introduce the toy in ways that will have him begging for more—toys, that is

Flavored Lube: Would You Like Blueberry or Strawberry with Your BJ?

Flavored Lubes Make Oral Sex Fun–and Tasty!

When considering the effectiveness of any toy or product, I like to look at whether the it offers stress-free and fun ways to enjoy new experiences. In this light, flavored lubes just might be the best gateway drug for sex there is. Dribbling lube over your cock and asking your partner to tell you which flavor they prefer is both fun and incredibly sexy! Seriously: when I received my first set of flavored lubes, I did just that: I squirted it over my hard cock and asked my partner what they thought of the flavor. Then I squeezed another sample over my cock and asked the same. And again, until they had tasted them all. I approached it all very professionally and when they found a flavor they liked and started to devour my tasty cock, I had to literally pull them from me with an audible ‘POP!’ as their taught lips left the tip.

Why Straight Men Need Their Own Box of Dildos and Vibrators

When men don’t know the toys they use with their lovers, they’re pretty much guaranteed to use them poorly. You need to USE the toys yourself in order to understand how they work and what they feel like. If you don’t want to buy them, you can always go to a store with good sales reps and get to know the toys better by holding them, seeing how they feel, how they buzz, etc.

Hair Removal aka ‘Manscaping’

Hair removal for men can be a sensitive subject. A man’s body hair can be a source of pride or shame, and for some men it can feel closely related to gender identity. It is also a sensitive region that does not come with an instruction manual (side note: my ikea-style instruction manual for dicks is forthcoming). Even once you get over the idea that grooming makes a man more feminine, and then you get over the idea that being more feminine is in any way a bad thing, you still have to decide what you actually prefer. It is easy to let this question affect your self esteem.

Fuck that noise!

Penis Extensions: Everyone Needs One (or Four)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the length, girth and texture of your cock at will, providing a completely different experience for your lover every time you had sex? Well, I can do that — and I’m here to tell you, so can you!

My secret: penis extensions!

really-ample-penis-enhancerAnd yes, I do have a size issue, but it’s not what you’re thinking. The only complaint I’ve ever received from lovers is that I am too big — so why would I want to ‘extend’ that? And for some strange reason, it had never occurred to me that changing my cock was a great way to add novelty and surprise, so penis extensions weren’t even on my radar. But as sales for extensions continued to grow at, I decided to take a closer look at this under-appreciated category. And what did I find? A collection of amazing works of art, like elegant capes to drape your cock. They’re like fuck fashion!

What the Cuck?!

The Irony of the Alt-Right’s Use of ‘Cuckold’ to Signify Weakness

There’s a lot of discourse around the etymology of the word cuckold today as people try to understand the meaning and history of this word that has suddenly become such a powerful weapon of character assassination by the alt-right. We are dealing with a group of people that is largely ahistorical and intensely nationalistic, however, so digging deep into the etymology or referencing European usage will quickly lead you astray if you want to understand how it’s referenced by, say, Rush Limbaugh.

Let’s be clear about the origin and meaning of the word currently in use: it stems from porn ‘cuckold’ movies made in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. While this genre has a long tradition, the dominant theme in recent, popular cuckold movies is extremely racially charged: A large, well-endowed African-American man has sex with a white woman in front of her white, submissive husband, who is often humiliated and denigrated in various ways by both the man and the wife. It is an angry and ugly portrayal of one of the more interesting and subtle psychological phenomenon in human sexuality. The porn motif, however, conveniently dovetails with many aspects that drive our current political dialog: fear of race, fear of women’s sexuality, a general sense of a loss of control (associated with liberal policy/globalization), the empowerment of others at the expense of the white male, the rise of minorities and women on the backs of passive white men, et cetera.

The Best Sex Toys for Couples (And How to Use Them)

The great opportunity to incorporate toys into our partner sex is generally lost because we often approach the topic with the wrong perspective: it’s not about purchasing toys that are marketed as ‘Couples Toys’ that will magically induce orgasms where none existed before, but rather it’s about incorporating your solo sex practices into your partner sex.

Is Masturbation the Key to World Peace?

It’s a difficult and scary time to talk about male sexuality. The endless media stream of physical violence and rape cast a long shadow on our cultural landscape. We live in a time where a presidential candidate can brag about non consensual advances and slut shaming, and still be taken seriously.

This isn’t confined to less enlightened segments of the population; even in the most progressive communities there are incidents of rape, dosing and sexual violence. Is this the last gasp of a cultural relic crumbling in the light of transparency? Or is it the beginning of a long process of cultural realignment as puritans respond to decades of lost ground in the culture wars? Either way, as dialog, education and action explore the connection between sexuality and violence, between self-love and empathy, and between the need for explicit verbal consent and the lack of emotional intelligence, we arrive together at this critical point: What happens next? Do we react and respond to control and contain male sexuality? Or work together to explore and expand it?

Why Is Female Masturbation Celebrated and Male Masturbation Shamed?

There is a profound dichotomy between the way men and women view, practice and embrace masturbation, and this rift may be at the core of deep cultural barriers that limit not only healthy sex lives but also compromise basic relations between men and women.

For the past 50 years, sex-positive feminists such as Betty Dodson have worked hard to recast self-pleasure for women as a sign of health, liberation, power and independence. While owning a vibrator or dildo a few decades ago might have suggested a lackluster sex life, it now represents the empowered woman who knows how to manage all of her needs well. Men, however, lack the intellectual and cultural framework to place masturbation at the center of a sexually, emotionally and intellectually vibrant lifestyle. The result: women will talk openly with each other about their toys, their experiences, their interests and the positive affects of masturbation and they generally have more sophisticated understandings of sex, pleasure and gender. Men?…Silence, fear and shame.

Why Are Some Women Threatened by Male Masturbation?

As part of my goal to normalize masturbation and remove the deep shame and stigma around creative self-pleasure for men, I get to talk to a lot of men (and women). Masturbation is a topic they have strong feelings and opinions about but rarely discuss. It’s always a bit awkward at first, but once people get going it’s hard to stop the conversation. Over time, however, one theme continually resurfaced in my talks with men:

While most men are not particularly ashamed of masturbating, they are very worried about what their wives and girlfriends think – and for good reason!

Should I Breakup with My Partner If They Aren’t as Adventurous as Me in Bed?

The first step is to avoid the downward spiral of putting your partner in a box by saying things like, ‘I want us to be more adventurous in bed’ or, even worse, ‘I wish you were more adventurous in bed’ (and that’s what everyone hears even when you say ‘we’). While everyone has certain boundaries they might never feel comfortable crossing, as long as people feel safe and supported, most people are willing to consider just about anything. Start by approaching the topic in a way that demonstrates that your partner feels desired, respected and in control of the first step. It might be something as simple as, ‘I am so attracted to you and there are some things that I really want to do with and to you — and I want to tell you these things but I’m worried you’ll see me differently if I do.’ This subtle shift sparks curiosity rather than fear or a sense of deficiency.

Jerk Your Way to Great Sex – Three Simple Steps to Become a Better Lover

Most guys were so afraid of getting caught masturbating that they learned how to jerk off quietly and quickly to avoid detection. Going straight for the most powerful erotic zone and mastering the skill of rapid ejaculation are bad habits for good reasons, but those highly refined habits come at the expense of appreciating the entire spectrum of erotic experience and developing a nuanced understanding of how to activate zones and build slowly but powerfully towards orgasm. Approaching masturbation with a new perspective is extremely difficult for many men because, again, it’s embarrassing to think they’re doing something wrong, it’s embarrassing to think they don’t know how to have sex and it’s embarrassing to ask for help about almost anything, let alone this. But the first step is to expand the sexual canvass beyond your rod.