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Masturbating to VR porn

VR fundamentally changes the adult viewing experience in two basic ways: first, assuming you’re using the proper headset, the viewing environment is completely immersive; second, the ability to shift the POV with a simple tilt of your head creates the anticipation of imminent discovery laced with just enough interactivity and control to give you a sense of power. that might sound odd, but the viewing experience of VR is very different from that of HD, 3-D or inter-active porn. So if you like to watch, there’s no better way to watch than with VR.

The First Time I Masturbated: Earthquakes in Paris

It was 1982 and Italy was playing in the finals of the world cup in Spain. We arrived at the train station in Milan to make our way to a small town just north to visit my Italian relatives and our train pulled in just as the game began.

The station was completely empty.

The platforms were quickly deserted, the rental car agency was closed and we stood alone under the massive, cavernous, arching ceilings. We sat. We waited. We starved. I decided to go to the bathroom. The Milan train station is normally one of the busiest in Europe and the bathroom was clearly designed to accommodate hordes of harried travelers. It was white. Entirely white. The tiles on the floors were white, the walls and ceilings were white, the counters and sinks were white. The giant mirrors reflected white. I paused for a second as I stared down the long line of wall-urinals that seemed to disappear into infinity.

The Best Masturbation Techniques: Tips and Tricks for Great Solo Sex

1) Shame and Fear Block Imagination, Pleasure and Personal Growth

For the past 40 years, women have worked hard to recast self-pleasure as a sign of health, liberation, power and independence. While owning a vibrator or dildo a few decades ago might have suggested a lackluster sex life, it now represents the empowered woman who knows how to manage all of her needs well. Men, however, lack the intellectual and cultural framework to place masturbation at the center of a sexually, emotionally and intellectually vibrant lifestyle. The result: women will talk openly with each other about their toys, their experiences, their interests and the positive affects of masturbation. Men?…Silence, fear and shame. Ironically, while women have progressed significantly, men have perhaps regressed. Masturbation is rarely discussed in genuinely curious ways and it’s still associated with a porn-addicted recluse — despite the fact that we KNOW it’s good for us on so many different levels. In addition to the fact that it just feels great, here are some other benefits of masturbation:

My First Time Masturbating

On the surface, my first experience masturbating was pretty mundane. I was 12 years old, alone in the house, looking at my dad’s penthouse collection and touching myself. Suddenly I was surprised by an overwhelming sensation of pleasure throughout my whole body. I remember my first thought was “no wonder adults are so obsessed about sex!”

This was my first orgasm. If you count non-orgasmic self touching with sexual motives as masturbation, then I have been masturbating as long as I remember. I was fascinated by sex as a child. I loved looking at pornography, especially comics and stories.

Who’s Watching?

There’s a lot of talk about shame connected with the art and the act of masturbation; sometimes it’s overt, immediate and very hard to deal with because it comes from outside yourself, but sometimes you don’t understand the effects until you look back on it from a position of much greater experience, when you’re able to recognize your own participation. When I was a kid, I didn’t have any sense of shame regarding self-pleasure; my parents weren’t especially religious, and in spite of being raised in an at least nominally Catholic environment, I didn’t hear anything much about it. On the few occasions I attended confession, it didn’t even occur to me to mention how much I enjoyed my time in the bathroom with mom’s hand soap. Masturbation was a secret thing, but not because it was shameful or embarrassing – more because it was a body function, private like the rest of them. I had, as I think everyone has, a couple of instances of getting walked in on by family members, but it was the same reaction, for me anyway, as I would have had if the bathroom door had opened while I was on the toilet.

It took accession to adulthood for me to find out what it meant to be embarrassed about masturbating, and it arrived in a most unexpected way.


I started this blog because there just really isn’t a good, honest dialog and resource out there for male masturbation. I mean, where IS the hitachi wand for men?! All of the reviews we read feel like advertorials that aren’t in any way convincing that the toy was somehow ‘Better Than The Hand.’ More importantly, reviews are generally technical but reveal nothing about the experience the toy offers and the various creative ways a toy can be used. After trying a couple of the ‘best selling’ and ‘top rated’ products, I was sorely (in some cases, literally) disappointed; besides, men (particularly straight men) just don’t share stories about masturbation and toys the way women do, and someone’s got to be the font of wisdom for the curious but leaderless masses. So I gathered a couple of my friends who are both avid, unabashed masturbators as well as articulate writers, and we decided it was time to up-and-masturbate and tell everyone else about our experiences.