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Why Is Female Masturbation Celebrated and Male Masturbation Shamed?

There is a profound dichotomy between the way men and women view, practice and embrace masturbation, and this rift may be at the core of deep cultural barriers that limit not only healthy sex lives but also compromise basic relations between men and women.

For the past 50 years, sex-positive feminists such as Betty Dodson have worked hard to recast self-pleasure for women as a sign of health, liberation, power and independence. While owning a vibrator or dildo a few decades ago might have suggested a lackluster sex life, it now represents the empowered woman who knows how to manage all of her needs well. Men, however, lack the intellectual and cultural framework to place masturbation at the center of a sexually, emotionally and intellectually vibrant lifestyle. The result: women will talk openly with each other about their toys, their experiences, their interests and the positive affects of masturbation and they generally have more sophisticated understandings of sex, pleasure and gender. Men?…Silence, fear and shame.

Jerk Your Way to Great Sex – Three Simple Steps to Become a Better Lover

Most guys were so afraid of getting caught masturbating that they learned how to jerk off quietly and quickly to avoid detection. Going straight for the most powerful erotic zone and mastering the skill of rapid ejaculation are bad habits for good reasons, but those highly refined habits come at the expense of appreciating the entire spectrum of erotic experience and developing a nuanced understanding of how to activate zones and build slowly but powerfully towards orgasm. Approaching masturbation with a new perspective is extremely difficult for many men because, again, it’s embarrassing to think they’re doing something wrong, it’s embarrassing to think they don’t know how to have sex and it’s embarrassing to ask for help about almost anything, let alone this. But the first step is to expand the sexual canvass beyond your rod.