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I started this blog because there just really isn’t a good, honest dialog and resource out there for male masturbation. I mean, where IS the hitachi wand for men?! All of the reviews we read feel like advertorials that aren’t in any way convincing that the toy was somehow ‘Better Than The Hand.’ More importantly, reviews are generally technical but reveal nothing about the experience the toy offers and the various creative ways a toy can be used. After trying a couple of the ‘best selling’ and ‘top rated’ products, I was sorely (in some cases, literally) disappointed; besides, men (particularly straight men) just don’t share stories about masturbation and toys the way women do, and someone’s got to be the font of wisdom for the curious but leaderless masses. So I gathered a couple of my friends who are both avid, unabashed masturbators as well as articulate writers, and we decided it was time to up-and-masturbate and tell everyone else about our experiences.