Press - Better Than The Hand


“Sex writer Magnus Sullivan speaks about why men need to explore their bodies, masculinity and the future of sex toys” – The Independent
“Better Than the Hand” Is The Sex-Positive Resource Men Need Right Now

“While Sullivan’s ideas about changing male masturbation in order to combat rape culture and toxic male behavior are relatively new — and therefore untested — they seem especially important right now. ” – Bustle


A ‘Hand’ Book for Male Masturbation

The new masturbation manifesto and advice manual Better Than the Hand has a bank of spank tips that are hard to beat. – SF Weekly

The Secret World of Men’s Sex Toys

“While female masturbation is all kinds of empowering, there’s something strangely unnerving about men doing it.” – Glamour UK

Jerk Your Way to a Better Sex Life’s Magnus Sullivan on the Upside of Sex Toys for Gents. “Magnus Sullivan wants you to become a better lover by jerking off more.”

Ep. 138: Masculinity in Trump’s America with comedian Harrison Greenbaum